Please make sure you use the relevant support method, ALL technical and add-on related queries are dealt with on the dedicated forum and all subscription and reseller based queries are done via the contact form below. If you have problems with your addon loading this is not classed a subscription based error unless you get the error code 503 which means your account has been temporarily suspended due to too many login attempts from multiple IP addresses. Any support queries received via the contact form that relate to any add-on or technical support WILL NOT be answered so please make sure you use the correct method.


install-guides-button-on-tapp-buttonFind all your install guides here, from basic registration right through to auto-starting certain VPN servers when specific add-ons are opened. If you're still having issues getting setup search the knowledge base and if you can't find your answer use the Add-on Support link where the team will be more than happy to help out on the forum. latest-updates-on-tapp-buttonFor all the latest information and news of any updates please check this page. The first post will always be updated with the very latest information so if you're encountering any problems it's always worth checking here first as it may well be a known issue that's being dealt with.
addon-support-on-tapp-buttonIf you encounter any issues at all with the add-on or you have feature requests feel free to use the forum where the team will be more than happy to help out. All add-on support is handled on the forum so that all users can easily search to see if their issue has already been discussed (in most cases it has and it's a simple fix).


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