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How to install VPNicity on Android 4.4 and below

Load this instruction page in your Android Browser to ensure all downloads reach your device.
This will make installation of the files easier. If not, copy all downloaded files to your device.

Step 1: Firstly, click the link and follow the instructions to add our File Source to your device HERE

Step 2: Install OpenVPN For Android. This app is available on the Google Play Store HERE

Step 3: Download the VPNicity OpenVPN Control apk file from HERE
Once downloaded you should receive a popup message showing your newly downloaded file, click on this to install.
If no window appears go to your 
downloads folder and click on the newly downloaded file: VPNicity OpenVPN Control v1.0.0.apk

Step 4 (Optional): For OpenVPN to work on an Android device it requires the “tunmodule” to be installed.
Some devices have this pre-installed in the stock factory firmware but other devices require it to be installed.
Install the Tun.ko Installer app via the Google Play Store, you can get it HERE

Once installed open the app and you should see a window that tells you whether or not the module has been found. If Tunmodule has not been loaded enable all the tickboxes and click on the install button. If your device is supported you should receive a success message – at this point reboot your device.

The remaining steps are done inside Kodi.

Step 5: Navigate to System  =>  Add-ons  =>  Install from zip file...

Step 6: Navigate to the file source you added in Step 1 above.

Step 7: Select - Kodi will install the repository.

Step 8: Navigate to: System  =>  Add-ons  =>  Install from repository 

Step 9: From the displayed list, navigate to On-Tapp-Networks-Addons => Program Add-ons

Step 10: Select VPNicity and Kodi will install all the files needed.

VPNicity will now show up under your Program Add-ons section in Kodi.
Run the Add-on and you will be prompted for your username and password.